Alecs Villacorta

Client Relationship Team

Before finding herself at Penguin, Alecs had years of experience working in customer service and the legal sector. She graduated with a degree in Korean Studies before stepping into the workforce, and she has always been passionate about exploring opportunities and constantly improving in her career. She also lived in South Korea for a year, where she graduated from one of the top language institutes in the country.

Prior to Penguin she was a Paralegal at a law firm, where she felt as though her career growth had reached a plateau. It helped her realise that after meeting and working with a diverse range of people all her life, being around people and helping them is exactly where she wants to be. This prompted her to seek a new path that would bring her genuine happiness and opportunities to evolve at work.

Alecs wholly believes in Penguin’s values and the way the team take care of their clients and of each other. She prioritises happiness above most other merits and now she finds herself driven by the desire to discover her true passions, being the most excited to learn and grow alongside the Penguin team.

Outside of work, Alecs loves to read and can spend up to 3 hours just walking around a bookstore without even buying anything. She passionately follows ice hockey and the NHL occupies a lot of her time when it’s hockey season. You may also find her at the gym, playing computer games, going on the occasional night out, or probably at a restaurant – spending way too much money on food.



1. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

Ask me in a year…


2. What’s the best thing you’ve spent money on?

Probably my Kindle – it’s my baby. I prefer the feel of a physical book but it is very convenient.


3. The worst?

That one G&T that I bought in London for £18 (never again)


4. What’s your favourite book?

Babel by RF Kuang (please read this)


5. If you’re not working, where will we find you?

At home, the gym, or St. Mary’s Street for a night out.

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