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Thanks for your help last week, things were getting a bit fraught with the solicitor’s compliance team, but eventually got resolved and the divorce matters completed.

I must say again, that one of the best pieces of advice I received from you was to place any gifts to the children as loans under our trust.

It worked well, as the gift has stayed within the family, and was discounted in the financial settlement of the divorce.

Mike W, 2020

In normal circumstances I do not deal with the financial aspects in our household.

These financial matters were dealt with by my partner.

I was aware of Penguin Wealth and that they were dealing with my partners financial matters like ISA accounts, pensions and Investment portfolio etc,

However in March 2020 very suddenly, my partner suffered a stroke that left him unable to speak, paralysed on the left side of his body and hospitalised for many weeks.

Meanwhile we were in the midst of the Covid19 crisis and the hospital was on lockdown with no visiting at all and almost all businesses either closed or working from home.

Whilst he was hospitalised it became essential that we release some funds from his portfolio so that we could make what were now essential changes to the home in order for him to be able to return home safely when he is discharged from the hospital.

My partner who’s speech was also practically non existent at this time asked me to contact Penguin Wealth and ask for this drawdown of funds to be done.

In order for the funds to be released signatures and identities of those with power of attorney had to be obtained and confirmed and I must say that Penguin went above and beyond in their response and kindness to us both and made it possible in extraordinary circumstances to achieve our goals.

I would recommend Penguin Wealth to anyone who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy financial advisors who put their clients at the forefront of their business.

My partner and I are most grateful to Penguin Wealth and their staff for their kindness during our crisis, Thank You all.

Mr D J Morris / Dr. R S Kermeen, May 2020

Thank you all for your hard work in planning for our financial future after the Coronavirus Crisis finishes. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and are also helping our mental well being. Best wishes to everyone in the team, your families and your friends.

Gareth and Sylvia Davies - 2nd April 2020

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Thank you for the continued updates, it may not be, but should bean old adage, you can never over communicate in finance-but you can under communicate, and that causes concern. I feel informed and confident in your work and I thank you for your attention and skill. I believe my fund is in safe hands and in today’s worlds that says a lot. Please continue your good work on my behalf and know that I value it.

Mark Lunn, 11th March 2020

There is so much gloom at the moment and when we hear the news we feel that not only will our business and staff be affected but our hard earned savings and investments.The videos and emails you have been sending are putting our minds at rest. Not only are you working hard and making vital Professional decisions on our behalf, but you are keeping us informed and putting our minds at rest.There isn’t a lot people can do at the moment and your advice and information is comforting.


John and Oonagh Scott, 18th March 2020

Penguin has been looking after my investments for nine years and I have total confidence in them to do what is best to keep my money as safe as possible, especially during these uncertain times. I panic when global events affect investments but then I am reassured when I get an update by email, statement or video from Penguin telling me exactly what they intend to do to ease the potential damage to my savings. If we are investing, then we need to have trust in those who are looking after our best interests. I don’t know what I would do without these reassurances.

Lorraine Barrett, 18th March 2020

We have been advised by Craig Palfrey and his Penguin team for 20 years now. In many ways that says it all! Sound decisions are made by a team we fully trust and who are straightforward and honest to deal with.


Peter and Sally Thompson, 10th March 2020

Penguin have been providing their client base with regular factual, concise and non-emotive updates regarding the impact on financial markets around the world and how that relates to our investments.Even though the state of my portfolio truly doesn’t concern me in these awful times–what will be, will be-Penguin’s calm professionalism is much appreciated. Penguin provide reassurance that somebody else is keeping a watchful eye on my investments whilst I expend my emotional energy on managing today’s challenging environment.


Francesca Humphries, 18th March 2020

Really appreciate the update and the proportionate protection offered by your ‘Advanced Investment Strategy’ decisions at an extraordinary time.


June Milligan, 16th March 2020

Many thanks for the update, it’s been very helpful and it is good to know that the team are being very proactive in looking after our investments in these troublesome and testing times.


Lynn Harris, 11th March 2020

I guess at times like this it’s not always visible what you’re doing behind the scenes for clients, so the visibility and transparency of this is really welcome.Thanks, and I hope you manage to continue to find sensible ways to navigate through the crisis

Mark, 12th March 2020

Can you let the Team know that the videos and communications recently published are really useful and reassuring whilst we are going through this difficult time, particularly with the volatility of the markets right now. It gives me confidence that you are carefully managing our investment and reacting quickly to the changes to give us the best results for the longer term.

Julie Davies, March 19th 2020

I must say how pleasing it is, the way Penguin is keeping in touch and giving us the best levels of reassurance possible in these trying times. Well done guys, huge pat on the back!

Sue Holvey, 17th March 2020

We sit tight and do as you suggest and God bless you all for good advice.

Gareth and Liz Jones, 16th March 2020

The team are amazing. No question too stupid. Takes you step by step through everything to ensure your understanding of the different financial solutions to your own particular needs. Have total confidence in their advice on the way forward not only with Asset protection but also pension release options.

Gillian O

Absolutely first class service from the team. I highly recommend Penguin Wealth for genuine, honest and straight forward advice. Extremely knowledgeable of the market, but most of all, really nice people to deal with.

Helen S

We recently caught up with long-standing clients Leslie and Jacky to find out what Penguin has done for them over the past few years.

Jacky and Leslie

I wanted to drop you a short note, to thank you and your colleagues for providing such a fantastic service with regards to the family medical package you have arranged for my family and I. I noticed a problem with my eldest son (4) in the bath, took him to the doctors and they said they thought it was a hernia and that he would have to wait 9 months for an operation. I called the Spire, he was seen the following week where it was confirmed he actually needed a camera to go I through his belly button and then a triple hernia operation. We were given a range of dates to choose from and the operation was carried out the following month.


It was a fantastic service, facilities, pre-appointments, and post care. It was like a hotel, we were in for the day, had our own room, we were all catered for, kept well informed, they couldn’t do enough for us.


The other little one (3) has a nut allergy and is currently undergoing treatment to detect how severe and which types of nuts. Again the whole experience has been fantastic.


I would highly recommend private medical insurance for anyone, especially if they have young children. Thanks once again for introducing me to the Aviva programme, it has had an immeasurable effect on my family.

John B

Paul shares his experience of becoming part of the Penguin family and how things have changed since he got in touch all those years ago.


Anna came to us when she was looking for an IFA to help her deal with her closing Pension. After her Discovery Meeting and further Planning Meeting we’ve had the pleasure of helping her manage her pension and investments and providing her with ongoing support for all of her financial concerns.




After being advised to look into different types of Director Cover by his solicitor, Owner of Crafty Devil Brewery, Rhys Watkins, was recommended to chat with Penguin. Here’s what he has to say about working with the Penguin Team.



Rhys Watkins - Crafty Devil Brewery

Jerry Bolt wanted to reach his Financial Freedom date by 60, we helped him get there two years earlier! Here’s what Jerry had to say about working with Penguin.


Jerry Bolt

Mr and Mrs Wright talk us through their journey with Penguin

Mr and Mrs Wright

I thought I’d drop you a quick line to say a big thank you for all your support and advice over the last few weeks. The experience remained the most relaxed we have ever encountered and you have given us such confidence in both what you have done for us and also in our own decisions. Keith has happily gone off to start his new reduced hours today! We will look forward to seeing you later in the year.

Julie & Keith

I’ve recently had the occasion to contact my financial advisors PENGUIN WEALTH. From the outset of my first email to them, my initial point of contact was Rhianydd Summerhayes (Client relationship Coordinator). Her very quick reply to my query was dealt with a very professional approach and advice, where i asked for a reply to be emailed to me, but that a chat with a financial advisor would be better. We agreed a time that i could expect a call the following day.

I was very pleased that , as promised, a call came to me at exactly the agreed time the following day!

Speaking to Penguin was a pleasure. Their expertise in answering all my concerns with regard to the forthcoming private pension changes, was both clear and easily explained to me, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the options that could be excersised. We finished our conversation with myself being brought up to date and my anxieties put to rest.

Overall, i was very impressed with my contact with the PENGUIN WEALTH team, and would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Yours Sincerely


Before selecting a Financial Adviser we had discussed our finances with a few other advisers, but from our first meeting with Penguin it was apparent that their depth of knowledge far exceeded that of others we had spoken with.

They have now gone on to be our Financial Advisers for almost a decade!

Penguin took time to listen to us, getting to know us, what our priorities were and our hopes for our family’s future. They took the whole picture into account.

We never felt as though they were working towards their own agenda as other Financial Advisers had done. We also felt in control. It was clear we had many options and that an important factor was selecting those we felt most comfortable with. That they managed this while not overwhelming us with jargon, rushing us or confusing us was a real skill.

Penguin’s support during the financial meltdown of 2008 was invaluable. Without dismissing our fears they guided us and provided reassurance that though bad it would turn around and the important thing was not to over react or become despondent. Penguin steered us through.

Lately we have had decisions to make over pensions. Again, Penguin was able to outline our options, answer all our questions plus a few we had not thought to ask. The end result was tailored to what we felt was right for us – with flexibility to make changes should we wish to.

All the various options available to us were presented in a professional but easy to understand manner and guidance was available at all stages of what could have seemed a very complex process.

Penguin understands that to our family our financial fitness is not simply a matter of figures on a balance sheet, its far more complex than that. To feel secure we have to have confidence that experts who truly care about our future are overseeing our investments. That’s Penguin.

Jeff P

Thank goodness for Penguin…

Both my wife and I were, and still are to a lesser degree, overwhelmed when it came to planning for our

Thank goodness for Penguin. They were very patient listening to our expectations, analysing our attitude to risk
and using plain language in explaining the investment options at our disposal which have enabled us to
make financial decisions that have been beneficial to our retirement.

We had a very clear idea of our on-going income strategy after our meetings with Penguin and with their help have subsequently formulated a plan which has fulfilled our expectations. There is no doubt that Penguin’s expertise lead us through ‘murky waters’.

Paul, West Sussex

We only ever hear great things about Penguin Wealth…

Following purchasing our first home and setting up a business, my husband and I were pleased to meet with
Penguin and benefit from their expertise. Penguin have been helping us in recent months to put in place the
necessary financial and legal structures to protect us and our business as it continues to grow. We have
found them to be friendly and approachable, and they have listened to our desires and needs throughout the

Penguin have been patient…Even when we took ages to sign forms etc!…and never pushy with their
products. We are looking forward to Penguin’s help and support as we continue on our financial journey.
We only ever hear great things about Penguin Wealth, and are pleased to now recommend them having
seen their work for ourselves! It is reassuring to know we are working with a trusted and highly competent
Financial Adviser, who is helping us reach the goals we want, without pushing his own agenda. They are
knowledgeable and trustworthy, and really took the time to get to know us and our hopes for the future. We
look forward to working with Penguin for many years to come!

Lois, Rhondda Cynon Taff

Penguin has expanded the education of our Foundation Degree Finance students beyond the classroom………….

by providing “real life” work experience and a valuable insight into the day-to-day realities of the Financial Planning industry.  There is no substitute for the depth of knowledge and understanding gained through work experience and it most definitely enhances students’ job prospects for the future.

Penguin has been extremely supportive of the new finance courses being offered by the University, they have delivered some fascinating guest lectures to our first year accounting & finance students and are valued members of our Financial & Professional Services Advisory Board.  Penguin have also facilitated the promotion of the Foundation Degree in Finance to the wider Financial Services Community.

Penguin are certainly playing their part in attracting the next generation of Financial Planners to the profession.

Helen Holleman - The school of Law, Accounting and Finance at the University of South Wales.

This is why I work with Penguin – I was so pleased to hear that your team undertook dementia friendly training.  It further reinforces to me that Penguin is an organisation that I want to be connected with.

My dad has alzheimers and my sister and I are constantly battling with perceptions of people with dementia as well as trying to find ways around all the challenges involved.

Having more services and people aware of dementia and amending how they approach their work and interact with people with dementia as a result has a massive impact on these individuals’ independence, dignity and quality of life. This is particularly the case for the area of work Penguin is involved in.

In short, a heart-felt thank you and well done from me to the team!

Kind regards

Anna Skeels

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