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Have you started planning your Pension?

Does Pension Planning sound like something you’d do toward Retirement?

Maybe you want to take that trip of a lifetime, spend more time with your family, volunteer, or spend your days playing Golf. Whatever Retirement looks like to you, Pension Planning means that you can stay on the right track and live a Retirement you can be proud of.

As a Business Owner, you might even want to use your Pension to purchase a commercial property. Yes, that can be done.

Pensions may seem confusing, but the Penguin Advice team can make Pension Planning as simple and stress-free as possible.


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You'll Never Over Pay On Your Tax Bill Again.

Ask yourself…

  Do I pay into a Pension?  
  Do I take income from a flexible Pension?
–  Do I want to claim more advanced Tax Allowances?  
  Do I have an ISA?
  Do I Pay Tax?  
  Have I got children over the age of 18?
  Do I have grandchildren under the age of 18?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, our Tax Webinar is for you. Not only does Craig walk you through these key points, but also tackles the changes announced in March 2024 and how they can impact you.

Click the button below to watch the video on Youtube.

Click here to access the full Tax Webinar

The most crucial piece of planning you can put in place

Whether you’re looking to the future of your family or the future of your business, Pension Planning can seem daunting.

If you’re worried about how your family or business will be affected by your Pension, there is one piece of planning that you can put in place to ensure they’re always protected.

There’s no longer a need to worry about what happens to your Pension when you die. Putting the right plans and the right roadmap in place means that the ones you love are always protected.

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Client Success Stories

I have been with penguin from the start and with Craig Palfrey before that and have found them to be excellent in what they have done for me enabling me to retire at the time I wanted to growing my old company pension funds and teaching me how to plan the staff are so helpful.


One of the best decisions I ever made was attending a Penguin seminar nearly 10 years ago. I am now happily retired with finances and estate all in order and with an an ongoing investment plan for my pension pot. I would highly recommend that anybody who, like me, did not have a retirement plan and need expert guidance and support, contact Craig and the team at Penguin Wealth.


"Enabled my wife to retire four years early...we paid off all our major debts...It's been life changing... I would not have been able to do any of that without Penguin's help."


Both my wife and I were overwhelmed when it came to planning for our retirement. Thank goodness for Penguin. They were very patient listening to our expectations, analysing our attitude to risk and using plain language in explaining the investment options at our disposal which have enabled us to make financial decisions that have been beneficial to our retirement. We had a very clear idea of our on-going income strategy after our meetings with Penguin and with their help have subsequently formulated a plan which has fulfilled our expectations. There is no doubt that Penguin’s expertise lead us through ‘murky waters’.


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