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Have you started planning your Pension?

Does Pension Planning sound like something you’d do toward Retirement?

Maybe you want to take that trip of a lifetime, spend more time with your family, volunteer, or spend your days playing Golf. Whatever Retirement looks like to you, planning your Pension means that you can stay on the right track and live a Retirement you can be proud of.

As a Business Owner, you might even want to use your Pension to purchase a commercial property. Yes, that can be done.

Pensions may seem confusing, but the Penguin Advice team can make planning your Pension as simple and stress-free as possible.


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The most crucial piece of planning you can put in place

Planning your Pension, whether you’re looking to the future of your family or the future of your business, can seem daunting.

If you’re worried about how your family or business will be affected by your Pension, there is one piece of planning that you can put in place to ensure they’re always protected.

There’s no longer a need to worry about what happens to your Pension when you die. Putting the right plans and the right roadmap in place means that the ones you love are always protected.

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Do you know how long your Pension will last?

You need to make sure that your money will outlive you and not the other way around

Have you thought about how long your Retirement will actually last? It’s likely going to last much longer than you think. You may not realise but you may actually be planning for the next 20, 25, or even 30 years and you need to make sure your Pension can see you through.

If you’re worried about how long your Pension will last then start by downloading this free guide.


Are you a Business Owner looking to grow your business?

You can use your Pension fund to help grow your business

You may think that planning your Pension may just be for those coming into Retirement and that your Pension couldn’t possibly help you grow your business.

Use this guide to help you understand just what you can do to gain control of your Pension and how you can use it to push your business forward.


It's time to start planning your Pension

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