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Penguin Trust Planning Brochure

Do you want to protect your legacy? Protect your wealth from your kids’ future divorce? This brochure aims to give a quick overview of how Trusts work, what they are most commonly used for and to correct some of the….

Penguin Bitesize Guide #1: Five Things you Should do to Protect your Business from Disaster

Managing a successful Business includes having a high regard for protecting against the various “What if?” scenarios that can derail any Business. Smart owners and managers know that this is one of their most important responsibilities. This guide will give….

Penguin Bitesize Guide #2: Seven Common Mistakes People Make with their Pensions or ISAs

Pensions and Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are the most widely used Investment and Savings vehicles in the UK. They will help you to build Wealth and to meet your Financial goals. How well they do this will in large part….

Penguin Bitesize Guide #3: Five Top Tips on How to Improve Your Financial Future

There is very little, virtually nothing, in the school curriculum about Money Management. This leads to many people entering the workplace, starting families and progressing through their adult years with no grounding in Finances. The benefit of ‘getting it right’….

Penguin Bitesize Guide #4: Five Top Tips on How to Protect Your Wealth

People become ‘wealthy’ through many different means. Some through an accumulation of savings, some from an inheritance, some from their work over many years, some from starting and building a business. Some people through a combination of one or more….

Penguin Bitesize Guide #5 Five Tips on How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Many people’s relationship with financial protection and insurances is one of being forced to do the basic minimum required either by law, by contract or through emotional needs. For example, having to take out car insurance so as not to….

Penguin Bitesize Guide #7: Retiring Soon? About to Retire? Just Retired? Then Learn All About Decumulation

The convention suggests when you are somewhere around the point of Retirement, you should think about and execute “planning your Retirement Income”. This is a great example where language and how something is described (in terms of words or a….

Penguin Bitesize Guide #6: Four Key Steps on How to Become Financially Free

What does this even mean? How do we define what “financially free” is? The best definition we can provide is this – there will be a number or figure which will be the level of wealth you need to reach….

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