The Business Secret - Episode 7
Stan Devonish


The Business Secret Podcast is based on our second book The Business Secret which you can download for FREE here. The book is aimed at business owners starting their journey or looking to shake up their business, putting the right planning in place, creating more time, and managing their team properly. The Podcast aims to shine a spotlight on some of the best established and up-and-coming business owners South Wales has to offer. Members of our team get the chance to speak openly and frankly to people that have taken the big step to go it on their own.

As a firm we wanted to give budding business owners, and those already well on their journey, the opportunity to take a candid look at the highs and lows faced by other business owners of South Wales in 2019. We discover how they found success, their future plans, and what makes them tick.

Are you…

  • A budding entrepreneur?
  • Wondering whether the business owners of South Wales face the same day-to-day problems as you?
  • Looking for solutions to problems that seem unsolvable?
  • Looking for ways to shake up your business?
  • Interested in how the mind of a business owner truly works?


In this episode of The Business Secret Podcast, Oliver Pughe chats to Stan Devonish. Stan hilariously and frankly opens up about his relationship with networking and the real reason he first went into business with his wife. Stan delves into his previous roles and how they’ve helped him develop and plan, why it’s important to celebrate a win even if you didn’t get it 100% right, how Stan and his wife plan for the future, and what they want for themselves in the next ten years.


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Devine Promotions website

Stan’s LinkedIn


Oliver:  Welcome to the business secret podcast I am here with Stan Devonish of Divine Merchandising. As a bit of background, Divine Merchandising was founded in 2003 by Stan and his wife Roshan, beginning with bepoke personalise wine they quickly moved into engraving crystal and glass work resulting in clients such as the Celtic Manor and the rider cup event. In 2007, Divine expanded again picking up clients such as Admiral, GoCompare and the Welsh assembly. Stan and Roshan currently provide over 250,000 promotion items and continue to build Divine as they have done for the last 15 years, Welcome Stan.


Stan:  Hi Olly good to be here.


Oliver:  We sound brilliant don’t we?


Stan: We do!


Oliver: We sound marvellous on here! So just as a quick question then, or the starting question – tell us a little bit about you business and journey to this point.




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