Justyn Robbins

Craig- Hello and welcome back to the business secret podcast. Today I’m delighted to be joined by today’s guest Justyn Robbins. Justyn is director of Cardiff Nutrition Ltd, Cardiff Nutrition is part of Herbalife group of companies one of the world’s premium wellness brands. Justyn’s business now has over 2000 coaches around the UK. Justyn’s mission is to help people get healthier by nutrition and lifestyle advice. He has nine hubs around the UK and one in France. He has plans over the next twelve months to open 50 more nutrition clubs and we reckon through his business so far, Over the last 12 to 15 years, he’s helped over 10,000 people take steps to improve health and wellbeing. He’s been nominated for a number of awards including being a finalist in the Direct Selling Association Awards, and he’s an international speaker with his largest audience so far being over 18,000 people. He’s also engaged with two kids, any plans to get married Justyn?


Justyn – I’ll leave that to her.


Craig – Right so let’s get started, so tell us about what your business what it does.


Justyn – Hey Craig thanks for having me on, and year, our business is a nutrition based business. We believe that 80% of the way that people lead their lives and the way they feel and their energy is down to the foods that they consume. You know I think one of the myth busters out there is that if you exercise more you’re going to feel better, but if you continue to put poor fuel in the tank you know you’re going to continue to feel the way you’ve always felt. So you know our mission really is to try and improve and educate people’s health and nutrition. One person at a time through one-to-one and group coaching which we’ve now been doing for the last 14 years.


Craig – Fantastic! How did you end up here? How do you end up having 2000 thousand coaches running a business having a Cardiff centre?


Justyn – Cool! So, I was when I left school there was only two things I was any good at in school. One was PE and one was Maths and I decided actually when I left school I was going to become an accountant, and I started off doing my AAT I’m from West Wales, a little town called Cardigan, and I decided I was going to become an accountant. After about six months of doing that and going through statements, bank statements from farmers that were covered in everything off the farm I decided that wasn’t maybe the road for me. So I looked at going into sport and I decided then to actually just start off as a basic lifeguard, started off as a lifeguard, and then one of the attributes I think I have is that, within the work space I was in, they wouldn’t pay for any qualifications but I’ve always been willing to invest in myself and spend money on myself to develop myself as a person so I start paying for my own fitness instructor qualifications, my personal training level three and ended up actually then with a job working for the NHS in cardiac rehab and cardio physiology where people who’ve had heart attacks, bypass surgery were referred to me through the cardiologist and I take them through their steps from literally having a heart attack a week ago to now getting back into jobs and work and everything. So that was like my working career, I suppose. I was 25 years old, I was on a vacation with my brothers. My brothers have been using the Herbalife nutrition product range, I had a bit of an opinion about it, la ot of personal trainers do either good or bad, and my opinion was that I didn’t use it. What happened then I came back off that holiday I saw myself on the video camera and you know they say the camera adds 10 pounds, I thought there must be about three or four cameras on me. So I decided OK I’ll give these nutrition products a shot and I’ll just see what happens you know within three or four days I had a lot more energy which was great because I was a little bit but nodding dog in the afternoon and then through over the next sort of couple of months dropped down over a stone, 16 pounds was actually the figure that I lost, and I just felt great. So naturally, from my coaching background fell into coaching, because people noticed the difference in me, and I thought you know if this can help me to just make a little bit of part time extra money around my job, you know two small children I’m going to be happy with that. And I did that just like that for about four years. That was 2005 got to 2009, nothing had really changed I was still working in my job. Laura my fiancé as she was working for the Welsh Assembly Government


Craig – Were you engaged back then?


Justyn – Yeah, Just about


Craig – 15 or so years ago.


Justyn – Yeah I think so yeah, Jordan was probably about two and he’s 13 in a couple of months. So it’s been a long time yeah. Basically then Laura… well the recession kicked in. Laura had a job in the Welsh Assembly and heard about 30 of her colleagues were all let go, told they had 30 days, and I’m a big believer if people take action for one or two reasons: Inspiration or Desperation. You know, I’ve always been inspired throughout my life by different people and different things and thought you know that be great and then that’s given me a little bit of motivation to do stuff, but when you’re desperate and you’re all of a sudden worried about how you’re going to pay your bills how are you going to look after these two little kids. That pushed me into some action, so I went out and got 25 customers in 30 days through all different kinds of manners you know talking to people, putting posters up, flyers through letterboxes I didn’t really care it was just a case of I needed to make people aware of what I did. When we created the awareness and started to bring in the customer base, and I did that for about two three months and then I had some issues at work with my boss. She was a little bit of a controlling person and I decided that I wanted to get out of that career and that industry of working for the NHS at that point you know. I love all the patients and everything but sometimes it can be a tough environment to work in, and I just decided I was going to build a team and sort my financial future. Then over the next three years just literally helping customers get great results, showing those customers it was a way they could help other people and I think the real thing that we do is… my job is to teach people to help people to teach people to help people. If I can develop that kind of method within people, whether helping people to teach people to teach people then that can create something really great and my vision at that time was I want help 2,000 thousand people locally get in the best shape of their lives.I think you know just by creating a vision and a mission it inspired some people around us and we went out to do that and over the next three years we got to that level that put me in a really good position when I was able to leave my job. I stayed for another three years and I did it all part time around full-time job, hours, weekends, you know, work life balance was a challenge at that point but it’s a lot better today and I love it. I love the saying you know most people are unwilling to work … How does the saying go? People are unwilling to work as hard as they can now to have all the free time later, or to live a life like others can’t. People are unwilling to work as hard as they can now to live the life that other’s cant. Something like that.


I’ve no doubt someone will write in the comments what the actual saying is. So, I just  decided to work really hard for those three years and that created the basis of our business that we have now and over the last five six years it’s developed quite a bit.


Craig – You mentioned work life balance there because in Chapter 5 of our book we talk about work life balance and it’s importance. Obviously, you’re prepared to admit that at the start it was hard work. I was there myself 15 years ago, I get that you work hard to have the fruits later on. Would you say your work life balance is better?


Justyn – Yeah 100%. So one of the things that I’m really proud to be able to do is that if I want to go pick up the kids from school, if I want to drop the kids to school, I’m at all of their football matches and all of the football training you know, on the golf course with them that I’m able to do that now because it’s really been able to set that up. Getting them off the PlayStation is another matter. But you know as kids grow up.


But you know now I’m able to be present around them all the times I want to be.


Craig – When you feel like tipping point was, when what it that you suddenly thought Okay now I’m in control of my time, the business is going so well I can I can take that step out.


Justyn – It was actually pretty much as soon as I quit the full time job because that created an extra 40 hours in my week without affecting our income. So I was able then, in 2012, to start going on decent holidays, able to start spending time with them and one of the priorities that always drove me was the things I said I wanted to be able to do when I got my business to a certain level and I’ve been so true to myself that those things are in place, sometimes some of the teams that hey can you come do this and I say hey, you know you know Jordan’s got a football match. Yeah that’s that’s a priority and I’ll be at that football match because that was why I built it in the first place.


Craig – Well I get a conversation for another day about I think our parents have ruined their kids by turning up to every single football match. I think I said a societal issue that’s changed over the last 20 years. But that’s not for today. So you had to start with no clients what’s been, in the 12-15 years of building this business, what’s been your best marketing approach?


Justyn – Relationship building. Build great relationships with your current customers so that they bring other people to you. It’s a much easier way to build a business, I find, word of mouth advertising it’s free. It doesn’t hurt to be nice to people. So you know I just try to be nice to everybody, leave people how I want to be left and then from that, you know, naturally just by asking hey who else you know who’s noticed your result. Who else do you think might want to benefit from what you’re experiencing? And then, you know, offer them some sort of referral incentive for bringing people to us. So for me number one that has been the best way.


Craig – So would you say that’s part of that process that you created yourself? Is that something that you get taught through HerbalLife’s work and you have a lot of training with Herbalife? or something you just felt naturally you did?


Justyn – A bit of both. So kind of developed our own referral plan as we went along that I felt… because we were always told to try and get referrals but I believe if you want to get a referral you’ve got to give something that’s good enough, incentive enough, for them to want to take advantage of. Someone said to me, I remember hearing on stage, you know I will just give him a box of protein bars for a referral, I was like would I give him a referral for a box of protein bars? Probably not. Or, you know, give them 5% off their next order. Would I give a referral for 5% off? Probably not. So I wanted to make the referral decent enough that they would go ‘That sounds worth it’, and that model actually has changed a little bit over time but the essence of it is still the same; that we give enough that it doesn’t hurt our profit but it encourages them and that helps to build the loyalty I think within the customer as well and keeps them with you, because you buy supplements anywhere. Yeah you can buy Herbalife nutrition products anywhere but, you know, we tend not to lose our customers because we build the loyalty and the relationship with them.


Craig – So would you say now you’re still working with people from all those years ago?


Justyn – Yeah! Yeah! You know, I’ve still got I’ve still got some customers who were like 10 years, and every month they’ll place and order, and I don’t connect to them as often as I used to because they don’t really need it. Yeah they still just pop up and they put their order in and I drop them a message and send them a Christmas card. That sort of stuff.


Craig – Being an overweight guy myself, for people who might listen who might be struggling with health. What’s been your biggest success in terms of helping someone get better health wise? You know maybe weight loss, maybe fat changes, what would you say Is the success story?


 Justyn – Personally, I’ve had multiple people who have lost over a hundred pounds. I remember one of them, who actually used be a chef in the hospital, his name is Mark and he came into one of my little weight loss challenge groups that we had at the time and over, I think it’s probably about a nine month period, he lost one hundred and ten pounds but he lost a shoe size as well because he had fat feet. I never forget him. He said, none of my shoes fit me anymore because my feet have shrunk as well, because you know fat ends up all over our body. But yeah, he was like 23 stone, came out 16 stone and he was six foot four, you know, so he was a big big guy and he used to run the rugby club bar as well so he definitely had more challenges than most.


Craig – So what’s the biggest risk you’ve taken in the business?


Justyn – The biggest risk, I suppose would be the current model that we decided to change from going from being a model where we would sell products to people in their homes, go out to see customers at their houses to then change into a model where people come to us and running a daily consumption.


Craig – so that when you make that change?


Justyn – So I made that change last April. I suppose the difference was then was that you have to then take out a lease, you have to go find an office, you have to commit, you have to be fully committed because they don’t let you get out of those things so easy as you as you know. We took a three year lease on and decided right we’re gonna go for this. Paid the money down, build out the shake bar, build everything out because our model is designed to be very low cost or no cost really for someone if they want to start up. This model, obviously, if you’re gonna have a fixed location is better. What I’ve found is that through it, the research showed, that you keep customers for longer because you’re seeing them more regularly. So I know that the customers I see every day in our club who come for breakfast or come for lunch are by far the ones who get the best results.


Craig – Yeah I mean it’s interesting listening to that because yeah, the thing I immediately think think of when you said you and your coaches go to peoples houses is then you’re going to see it help so many people because you’re one-to-one. So have you found you can see more people in a day because they’re coming to you?


 Justyn – Absolutely. So now I’m seeing 30 or 40 customers in a day where it was impossible, you know, maybe I’d see four or five after work if I was running now and that’s quite tiring, you know, there’s extra costs with fuel and all that sort of stuff. So yeah without a doubt you know they’re coming to us they’re coming daily. They enjoy the environment. That’s why they keep coming back. I really love having it and I know that by seeing them regularly the chances of them messing up and going off track are a lot more limited to when you’d see them once a week or every other week.


 Craig – Okay so so far the gamble the risks worked?


Justyn – Definitely definitely for us our turnover, in the last 12 months, it’s gone up by 50% in the team. So you know to have that has been really great actually to see that growth happening. It’s now a model that the rest of the country are looking to take on board because we’ve kind of gone out, and taken the risk, and pioneered I suppose, as such, which is hard work but yeah.


Craig – And we mentioned in the introduction there’s nine around the UK and nine have all gone and set up a club? Or are they still going around?


Justyn – No, so they’re all they’re all fixed locations, they’ve got similar size or similar looking clubs to what we have, they work the same model type as well so we’ve got one in Aberystwyth, We’ve got one actually just outside Cardiff in Pentyrch, the one here, three in Derby, Sheffield, Bolt and this one just outside Leon in France. So you know it’s developing really nicely from the coaches that we already have in place.


Craig – Okay. What hasn’t gone so well? What’ve you tried that didn’t white work?


Justyn – So I think when… I worked really hard for a period of time for like three or four years I really, maybe even five years, because even when I quit my job I still carried on because when you love to work you love to work and if it doesn’t really feel like work you just keep going. Now I got to a point probably about 2014 where I decided right I’m going to throttle back a little bit, I’m going to start to enjoy a little bit more, and chill out, and because of my own lack of production started to drop the team slowly start to drop as well. I wasn’t on the ball probably as much as I could have been. Then you start looking for other ways, you know, humans we’re always looking for the next way to do something. How can I make it a little bit better if I add this? If I add that? And what ended up happening, over a two year period, is the way we work became quite complex and it wasn’t so simple to teach someone from scratch how that you go and get a couple of customers, do a sample evening in their home or whatever it might have been to build a business from scratch. It just became really complex. So what we then did was we stripped it right back. Back to basics keep it nice and simple and that’s that’s helped us. The mistake was you know layering in too many things on top of everything and making it difficult for a new person to get started.


Craig – So almost you forgot the simple things, forgot the basics and start try to make it a bit more of a complicated process rather than just stripping back… okay.


Justyn – It sounds great when you’re telling people ‘Well we do it like this’, ‘we do it like that’ but actually, you know, for the new person who doesn’t really know a great deal if there’s too many steps in the way you don’t get started.


Craig – Interesting. We’ve always had a mentor supporting us. Have you had mentors coaches through your journey?


Justyn – Yeah so one of the great things about our industry it’s very personally developed led. It’s about working on ourselves as much as it is on our business so it’s not just about the nutrition products or the business model it’s actually about me as an individual and us as a group on how we can actually develop ourselves and grow as people. So I’m really fortunate that within the organization that I’m in, the guys who I work with closest, have been in this industry for like 25-26 years so I’ve got a whole wealth of experience that they share. You know we really believe in either listening to personal development books or reading books or both really. So that’s a big part of our culture is to develop through it. So we’ve got the leadership as well, always a really great, it’s not like a normal corporate environment where people might keep things themselves. The leadership are very good at sharing what works and what doesn’t work with everybody.


And then I suppose outside of that you know I’ve invested in myself into a different personal development courses of over time with different educational companies and stuff to figure out why I’m the way I am and what I do that hurts me so that I can see past that, you know, see my blind spot everybody else can see what I’m doing wrong but it’s my blind spot I can’t see it. So once you can kind of see your blind spot you can go OK there’s some stuff I can work on so yeah.


Craig – Out of all that stuff you’ve done, is there one that stands out that you’d recommend to our listeners who you might be just starting, you know, or have hit rough patch in their journey and are looking for the next bit of operation?


Justyn – The best the best course I did was with a company called Landmark Education. They’re a worldwide company and its specifically about working with you. It’s not about business. It’s not about anything else it’s just about let me work, let’s work with you and you work in a group environment. It’s a three and a half day course and basically you’re having a conversation with yourself and the tutor, even though they might be 100 people in the room but the conversation is between you and them throughout and breaking down your barriers, finding out why you are the way you are so you can move past that, and then we be building bridges with people who maybe, you know, you’ve fallen out with or difficulties you’ve had with family members and finding a way that you’ve got the confidence and skills to go back to those and hopefully fix some of those relationships. So I did that first level one which is called The Forum and then the second one which is their advanced course and. Yeah, it’s made a profound difference for me.


Craig – For you and the business or just you personally?


Justyn – Well for me. Then as a knock on effect because of it helped me it helped the business.


 Craig – Excellent, okay. As Financial Planners would like to see our business owners are planning for their eventual Financial Freedom. Have you worked on your exit plan? Do you know when you know when the end is? Do you know when you’ll be financially free?


 Justyn – Well know we’re chatting about this just before we started and one of things I haven’t done as well as I should of is plan, I suppose, as far ahead. Yes we have a good income coming in that is a royalty based income. So that should continue coming in forever, you know, providing the businesses around and that should keep coming in forever. But you know I do some stuff, as I said to you, with stocks and shares as well but I need to plan a little bit closer so I’m sure we’ll have a conversation after this Craig.


 Craig – So they pay you an income until the day you die effectively.


Justyn – Yeah and it’s willable


Craig – As long as people are still involved and doing everything? And do you always have to be doing something? Or can you sort of stop and just say I’m done?


Justyn – There is a retirement plan which is either when you when you’re 60 or you’ve been in the company 30 years. You can exit and still get paid.


Craig – All right. Okay. So they help you fund that.


Justyn – Yes.


Craig – Okay excellent. And we’re big believers in paying yourself first. Have you done that you in your journey do you think?


Justyn – Initially probably not, but I would say definitely now. Yeah we do.


 Craig – You know any tips you give the listeners on how to structure that and how to do that?


 Justyn – You’ve got to take… If you’re self-employed you’ve got to take out what you personally need first of all, and then if your top line isn’t bringing in enough then you’ve got to go and work and increase your top line. You know, one of the speakers I really enjoy listen to Grant Cardone I don’t know if you’ve heard of him? You have, we spoke about it before. But you know I love listen to Grant Cardone, stop worrying about the bottom line increase your top line. You know, if there’s ever any difficulties with bills and paying for stuff you know just do more on the on the front end to make sure that all that stuff is taken care of.


 Craig – So that’s what we said about Robert Kawasaki and Rich Dad, Poor Dad talks about you know pay yourself first and it’ll make you work harder rest a month or more smarter, hopefully, to make sure enough coming in to cover your costs and then pay the other bills and whatever else. Obviously, you’ve got to pay your lease first based on what I said earlier. In Chapter 7 we talk about the importance of recruiting the right people for your business and obviously it seems like maybe it’s not as simple as it might be for other businesses where they actually employ a person. But have you got a process for when you do take on these coaches? Is there a process you go through and you follow?


Justyn – Yeah there is, one they’ve got to buy into what we do if they don’t buy into what we do and I mean like not physically with money I mean with that you know we’re here to help people, it’s about you know getting people great results or about health and nutrition.


 Craig – How do you test that?


 Justyn – The best way, most of the coaches that I’ve personally brought in, have been customers first they’ve been customers, they’ve gone on a great journey, they’ve had a great result, they’re invested in what we do through, you know, personally and emotionally and everything else and then you know just have a chat with them because most of those people, particularly those who refer those who refer, for me they’re already doing our business. They’re bringing people in, they’re promoting our products to their friends and family. So that’s what the coaches generally do is we’re promoters of a healthy lifestyle. So if they’re doing that to say hey why didn’t you make the money through these customers? I’ll teach you, I’ll support you, I’ll show you how to do it I’ll come and do all of the sample stuff with you, but you know why don’t you make it? And then that frees up my time because you know if they refer me five people they can look after this five which then frees up my time to go and find the new five.


Craig –  Yeah so that’s why there’s an incentive to influence but they actually get rewarded for it?


Justyn – Exactly.


Craig – And how is that going for you? Obviously, you’re up to 2,000, do all 2,000 have to report to you?


Justyn – No, So the great thing is as well that within our program of the way we train people is that we identify leaders as early on as we can and then leaders end up looking after their own lines within the team.


Craig – So you don’t recruit all 2,000 then?.


 Justyn – No no no no not like those two thousand probably sit underneath seven or eight people, seven or eight decent people that I found. And then seven or eight have gone and found some people who have found some people and we just teach, and we support, and structure it, and strategize about how we’re going to help everybody. And as an accumulation at the turnover of the team, the company work out what it is and pay us every month.


 Craig – Excellent! Excellent! And what one piece of advice would you give business owners?


Justyn – What one piece of advice would I give business owners…


Craig – Someone who’s starting now maybe someone who’s struggling or hit a peak?


Justyn – To make sure people know who you are. Make sure people know about you. You know, most people they think they sit in their offices, their homes or wherever they work from and they’re not doing enough to make sure that you know they’re not making enough noise. Grant Cardone talks about that action, you know, be noisy and make loads of noise make sure everybody knows you exist some are going to hate you but you know it doesn’t matter about them. I heard, I’m not sure if it was Grant that said it, but you know Donald Trump is hated by 50% of the people in America but he’s most powerful man in the world. So you might be hated by half the world and still be the most powerful person. It’s not about that it’s about the ones that you can help on the journey so just make more noise.


 Craig – So in this current era, obviously you started 13 years ago. You did it, I think you said, through leaflets and you knock on doors almost, stopping people on the street. I think that’s what you said. What would they do now in the modern social world? What would you recommend? What are your strategies now?


 Justyn – You know there’s a lot of growth obviously through social media. Social media is one of the easiest ways to go to people and get yourself out there. It’s not as easy and it’s a longer term strategy for social media, because you’ve got to build the following which takes some time. They’ve got to build that trust in you before they’ll approach you. So social media is definitely one way that you can get out to people quite quickly but I still do a lot of face to face stuff. You know, we do a lot of body fat testing or we’ll do some surveys, we’ll go around businesses and let businesses know that we’ve just opened and this is where we are and this is what we offer, and you know, offer people something for free. I think that’s the other thing business owners don’t do when they get started they don’t offer something for free. Give some value first and then let people see that the value is good and then maybe they’ll buy from you, rather than like oh yeah I can do that but it’s X. The first thing I think people do when they go on Amazon and they go somewhere else to see if they can buy that product cheaper from somebody else because there’s no value support. There’s no loyalty relationship built.


Craig – Okay. Interesting. You’re starting again today and you know what you know now. Three pieces of advice would you give your younger self?


 Justyn – Great thing is I’d be younger right? It’s funny I had this conversation on the weekend because we had a big training event and I said you know if I could know everything I knew right now. I’d give it all away to start again and be 15 years younger. Because I know how much quicker I go. Because I know it all. Well not know it all.


Craig – So what would those things be then to make it go quicker?




 Justyn – Commit first of all. Be very consistent about everything you do. You know consistency I feel is the key to everything. So many people that go hard for a few days, few weeks, few months and then they either burn out or they slow down, where I mean more like the tortoise rather than the rabbit or the hare have gone nice, at my pace, what I can do. Then that’s compounded over time to create really good results. So be consistent, be open minded, don’t think you know it all, and when you get success don’t allow your ego to take over.


Craig – Okay so I’ve got four things there. We’ll say commit from the start because I think, from hearing your story, you probably would say three or four years you wish you’d gone…


Justyn – Yeah I wasn’t committed.


Craig – You had mouths to feed


Justyn – Yeah my toe was in the pool of success but I wasn’t diving in


Craig – So be consistent as in keep going keep going not sort of have a great three months and, I know there are a lot of people guilty of that in a lot of professions and industries. Be open minded, as in learn, don’t think you know it all.


Justyn – Yeah absolutely.


Craig – And then when you start to have some success don’t have an ego. I guess that means you’ve seen some people have ego and they have sort of fallen off


Justyn – I’ve seen myself. That’s part of the learning curve is when you realise it, but I think you know a big thing is actually acknowledging that that’s what happened and then, you know, what lessons can you learn from you know thinking you’re the BIG I AM. Because we’ve been fortunate enough to speak in several countries in front of big crowds and then all of a sudden you start to believe your own press rather than go hey you know I’m just a guy who goes out and coaches people one-to-one looking for some nice people in tough circumstances.


 Craig – By tough circumstances you mean struggling with health, struggling with weight…


Justyn – Yeah, financially as well. You know, whichever one it may be because sometimes coaches do come in for the business opportunity that we offer but they’ve got an interest in health and wellness, they would like to help people they may not have used the products yet but the first thing I’m gonna do with them even if they join is hey you need to use the products because nobody who promotes our brand doesn’t use them.


Craig – Okay. So what you see in the future for Cardiff Nutrition or for your personal business


Justyn – For our business you know my mission now, has changed, you know from the 2,000, I want to be helping 10,000 a month. I know we said at the start on the intro 10,000 in total but that would’ve been ten thousand plus over a period of time. I want to help 10,000 per month with their nutrition. So to do that we need a lot more clubs. The way I look at it, I go look how many coffee shops have we got in cities for every coffee shop, You know, we’re kind of more like a healthy coffee shop scenario. Look how many pharmacies there are for every pharmacy we could have a club. You know, there’s all they’re doing is they’re retrospective, they’re reactive rather than proactive. Ours is proactive trying to stop people needing the pharmacy. So that’s how I see it, our potential for growth and everything going forward.


Craig – Have you met Ronaldo?


Justyn – No I haven’t


Craig – I remember seeing that Ronaldo has created a product with you


Justyn – It’s a really cool story actually. So Christiano had been using Herbalife nutrition for a long time, I’m actually really good friends with who is coach was, her name’s Sandra, she lives in Lisbon. Sandra actually had Christiano’s mum and sister using the products for weight loss. He was playing for Sporting Lisbon at the time. So he’s been a long time user of our products and we were sponsoring Messi at the time, but Messi probably wasn’t as invested in the products as we would’ve liked. One of the things that the company a very strong and if you won’t use our products we won’t sponsor you. So when the company was made aware that Christiano was actually buying the product himself and using the products, and a lot of the Portuguese squad were as well, the company approached him and said you know we’d like you to become one of our ambassadors.


Craig – This was pre Man United?


Justyn – I think he may have just moved to Madrid and so they spoke to him and got him to look at the wider range and sponsor him so, you know, a deal was created for him. And then we’ve created some products with him in alliance with him where his blood has been mapped before and after training seeing what he loses during training. So we develop the product to fit. He chose like the flavour the colour all that. So it’s a Ki Berry, it’s pink. It looks really cool but hydrates you faster than water. It’s designed for helping people, particularly the last sort of phase of a sport, so like we know that most amount of goals or tries or big sporting instances happened in the last 10 or 15 minutes of games. This product specifically designed to help people more with concentration and avoid fatigue in the last 15 minutes.


Craig – OK. So some people would say Christiano was a bit of a freak and Herbalife can claim to have helped create the human freak that is Ronaldo


Justyn – Yeah. I don’t fear going to claim that is that we’ve done everything for him, you know, because he is an incredibly dedicated individual. He is everything, you know, he doesn’t have tattoos, he doesn’t didn’t drink any alcohol. Everything that goes in his body is… he will not that he can enter his body unless it is top top top stuff. I mean just his food or anything you know he doesn’t have tattoos because he wants to give blood regularly and stuff like that.


Craig – We’re not saying Tattoos are bad necessarily


Justyn – No no no no no that’s just his choice right.


Craig – Yes. OK fantastic. So some got some quick fire questions that we like to end every one of these with … what book you currently reading?


Justyn – So I’m actually re-reading a book at the moment which is called Building An Empire by Brian Carruthers, it’s an industry book for our industry of network marketing so some really great steps in it and in moving forward.


Craig – And what’s the best business book you’ve read?


Justyn – Best business book…? So it was actually something that got me looking at investing was Unshakable by Tony Robbins. So yeah, you know, there’s some good parts obviously some parts are specific for the American way of life. But there was a lot of stuff I took from that was that I’m not thinking in the right sensors or broader senses of how and how I should use my money a little bit better.


Craig – What music you are you currently listening to?


Justyn –  I just listen to the same stuff over and over like Take That, Robbie Williams, That sort of stuff pop music. Yeah a bit cheese.


Craig – Nothing wrong with that! What podcasts would you promote?


Justyn – So actually I never listened to any podcasts until about 18 months ago and it was one that Laura recommend. She’s talked about this guy and he’s a good looking guy, and I was like ‘Oh I don’t want to pay any attention to him’ but I started this podcast, His name is Lewis Howes. He’s one of the top podcasts in the world, He’s is a New York Times best-selling author couple of times, he’s only 35 years old, Ex NFL pro player. His career was finished through injury when he was young and he’s built his own brand and his own company up, and it does a lot with social media marketing as well. But his stuff he interviews Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone all of these guys I think there are seven or eight hundred podcasts. So they’re all like top top interviews but lots of different stuff whether it’s about relationships, money, business, life.


Craig – Yeah Ok, So Lewis we’re coming to catch you. Great! What Box Set or TV show is a must for you?


Justyn – So obviously everybody watched Game of Thrones


Craig -Is that a must for you? I don’t watch it so…


Justyn – So yeah it has been. It has been over it’s done now.


The other one I watch which I really love is Billions I don’t know if you’ve ever watched…


Craig – Yeah I’ve seen the first 2


Justyn – we’re on series 4 now I think, but I love watching Billions as well. IT’s business related, it’s … yeah


Craig – I think I might already know the answer to this one but who would be your business idol?


Justyn – Who do you think? Do you think I’m going to say Grant Cardone?

Funnily enough with Grant I wasn’t a big fan of him at the start I think because when I first listened to his book The 10X Rule I wasn’t in the right mind set for the way he is, he’s quite aggressive in the way that he speaks and works, ‘You’ve got to do this’ ‘You’ve got to do that’. So I wasn’t like there at that time. I was actually when I stopped listening I was unwinding from working as hard as I was. But now that I’m in work mode yeah if you’re in work mode Grant Cardone great.


Craig – Let’s just summarize our thirty minutes or so together then so; building a business by referrals for something in your space is the way forward you would say, inspiration inspirational desperation is what pushes people to buy so let’s hope that we can inspire rather than out of desperation, have a mission have a vision, invest in yourself and particularly Landmark Education sounds like was a good one for you and Grant Cardone. Give away something for free I completely agree with give away your IP, give away and tell people what they can do. Most people will still come back to you for advice and hopefully engage with in your case with your business. Commit, be consistent, be open minded and leave egos at the front door.


That about summarize I think…?


Justyn – I’m just on that free thing and everything that we do the first time anybody comes to see us. It’s always free. You know, your first time in our club is free it’s on us we’re going to give you a free body scan, we’re going to talk to you exactly about where you’re at, where your life is right now what are your goals. We give you 45 minutes to an hour of our time free. You know we could be charging know 50-100 quid for that but we don’t we know we want to give that away for free because we want to build a little bit of trust and relationship and show there is value. If people want to join fantastic it’s available for them.


Craig – So where can people find you both physically and on the usual social platforms?


Justyn – So physically rare opposite the castle in Cardiff City Centre on Duke Street.

Our first floor, if you wanna find us on social media then really easy Cardiff.nutrition on Instagram, Cardiff Nutrition on Facebook, or you can just search me out personally myself. My own personal profile is just Justyn Robbins. Justyn with a ‘Y’ with, two ‘B’s in Robbins, I’m probably the only one on there.


Craig– And we look forward to hearing about for the wedding date.


Justyn – I’ll keep you up to speed.


Craig – Thanks very much for joining us Justyn.


Justyn – Cheers Craig. Thank you.




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