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The Wealth Secret

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The Wealth Secret published by Penguin Wealth explains the eight basic principles that need to be applied by any individual seeking to create long term wealth for themselves and their family.

It outlines, in clear terms, that if an individual applies these simple principles they will create wealth, whatever their starting point and whatever their future pathway.

Dispelling many myths about money management the Book draws together a number of ideas and concepts, using stories and real examples, to show that long term wealth creation is available to anyone and everyone.

Drawing on age-old practices, many of which have been forgotten in the modern world, it argues that the methods by which true wealth is accumulated remain the same today as they always have.

This includes:

  • How anyone can save 10% of their income; how individuals adjust their spending to their income and how to include saving as part of the spending plan. How saving 10% of income and investing this well soon builds proper wealth;
  • How to invest to optimise the risk/reward equation;
  • How to avoid some basic mistakes which can derail long term plans;
  • How spending time on goals and objectives is the key to a targeted and successful strategy;
  • How wealth is so much more than about the quest to build a big pot of money; how wealth is about achieving richness and how richness is about ‘life’ not money or a sum in an account;
  • Drawing together into one ‘whole’: the here and now against the longer term objectives, wealth creation and lifestyle, all at the same time as building a foundation for future generations;
  • How people can strive to create great investment returns;
  • How to pick a team to work with, which will enhance the longer term goals.

This is a Book for anyone interested in improving their longer term position and learning how to succeed in managing their finances throughout their life. Easy to read, it is just as relevant for young adults as for the retired, because the principles of great financial planning, wealth creation and wealth management are unaffected by where one starts, where one is in their pathway today or what is going on in the world at large.


To request your free pdf copy of this book, please email Mikhail.Ismail@cisi.org

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