The Business Secret Podcast - Episode 13
Jean Church MBE


The Business Secret Podcast is based on our second book The Business Secret which you can download for FREE here. The book is aimed at business owners starting their journey or looking to shake up their business, putting the right planning in place, creating more time, and managing their team properly. The Podcast aims to shine a spotlight on some of the best established and up-and-coming business owners South Wales has to offer. Members of our team get the chance to speak openly and frankly to people that have taken the big step to go it on their own.

As a firm we wanted to give budding business owners, and those already well on their journey, the opportunity to take a candid look at the highs and lows faced by other business owners of South Wales in 2019. We discover how they found success, their future plans, and what makes them tick.

Are you…

  • A budding entrepreneur?
  • Wondering whether the business owners of South Wales face the same day-to-day problems as you?
  • Looking for solutions to problems that seem unsolvable?
  • Looking for ways to shake up your business?
  • Interested in how the mind of a business owner truly works?


In this final episode of 2019, Craig chats to IOD Wales Chair Jean Church MBE. Jean reflects on her 40 year career and looks back on some of her proudest achievements, the biggest risks she’s taken, and what she would’ve done differently if she could start all over again. Jean talks, at length, about how one of her biggest risks paid off and lead to her helping to develop a new graduate scheme, the importance of research before starting anything new, and the one mistake she made at a Buckingham Palace when meeting Prince Charles.


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Jean Church MBE LinkedIn

IOD Wales Chair Bio


Craig:  Okay, so welcome to the first ever Christmas special of the business secret podcast, we’re here with Penguin delighted to welcome our first MBE, Ms. Jean Church most people who are listening to this I’m sure will know Jean Church she is a legend in the Wales business community currently doing a lot of work with Institute of Directors among many other things that I’m sure will talk about so we gonna dive straight in and start to pick Jeans brains and to hopefully share some insights with all our listeners so, Jean you have done number of things over your career what would you say has been the highlight.

Jean:  Oh my gosh, in my career?

Craig:  In your career?

Jean:  In my, well the highlight has to be the MBE, isn’t it for services to business?

Craig:  How did that come about?


Read the full transcription here


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