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Do you know how much money you could lose if you don’t take action right now?

Sorting through your end of year Taxes is more than just filling in a Tax Return form and hoping for the best. It can seem dismal, complicated, and sometimes fruitless, and there’s a common misconception that end of year Tax Planning is only for Business Owners or those with mountains of money. This is simply not the case and this Tax webinar aims to dispel that notion. 

In the coming weeks you will see Tax myths plastered across press and the national news, but these aren’t always what they seem. If you want true, actionable tips on how you can keep more of your money at the end of this Tax year, our recent webinar is the best place to start. 


Ask yourself…

  Do I have an ISA? 

–  Do I Pay Tax? 

  Have I got children over the age of 18? 

  Do I have grandchildren under the age of 18? 

  Do I pay into a Pension? 

–  Do I take income from a flexible Pension? 

  Do I want to claim more advanced Tax Allowances?  –  


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