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You have accumulated money in savings or investments, but is it being looked after in a way that supports your goals? Too often people are lulled into the promise of the best financial savings account or investment funds without following a strategy that supports their interests.

Do you want to raise a certain amount of money for a specific goal? Are you looking to invest for a monthly income or get a better return from your current financial arrangements? Perhaps you’ve come into a large sum of money and need advice on how best to go forward?

Getting advice from an independent, professional Financial Planner will align your financial plans with your goals and help make your money work harder for you.

Benefits of saving

Putting in place a portfolio of financial savings accounts is a safe way to save towards a specific target such as a holiday of a lifetime, property deposit or a family wedding.

By their very nature, savings accounts are a low risk way to accumulate some wealth from interest, and our Financial Planners can review your existing financial products to ensure you are getting the best interest and value on your savings.

Benefits of investing

You’ve worked hard to save, but have you considered growing your savings with an investment portfolio?

An investment strategy focused on long term wealth management offers the opportunity to generate a greater return than what is available on savings accounts. Benefits include:

  • Wealth creation
  • Investing for a monthly income
  • Planning for Financial Freedom
  • Avoiding inflation
  • Protecting your family both now and for future generations
  • Spending your time pursuing the interests and hobbies you enjoy

Our advice process

Our philosophy is simple. Unlike other Financial Planning firms, we believe your savings and investments should be structured around your goals and, as your trusted adviser, we will personally help you get there.

We call this a ‘top down’ approach, and our Financial Planners will work to marry your funds, your portfolio and your holdings to your goals and objectives.

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Benefits of Professional Investment Planning

Enlisting the support of a Professional Financial Planner ensures you receive tailored savings and investment financial advice to create a bespoke portfolio that’s in tune with your goals and requirements for growth.

Investment is a greater risk than savings accounts and doesn’t offer a fixed or guaranteed return. An expert Financial Planner can review your existing arrangements, and your attitude to risk, to:

  • Help you grow your collection of assets
  • Achieve higher returns
  • Structure your investments to manage tax efficiently for long term Wealth Management
  • Expert investment advice ensures your portfolio of savings and investments are in the best shape to secure your future and provide for your family.


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The Advanced Investment Strategy is a short guide that details our approach to providing clients expert investment advice.

Download for exclusive insight into our best practice for managing risk to create a strategy that is totally unique to you and maximises the performance for your portfolio.

Where can I learn more about Financial Planning for savings and investments?

Call Penguin Wealth on 02920 450143 or arrange a Discovery Meeting. If you’re not sure where to start, the government offers free and impartial advice on savings and investments. Find out more by going to Money Advice Service.

Save time setting up savings & investments for your future. Arrange your free Discovery Meeting below & let us help you.

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