The Penguin Pension Review Service

The Penguin Pension Review Service


1. Carry Out Initial Discovery meeting.

2. Establish what pensions you have and your requirements based on your specific situation.

3. Understand your Risk Profile and your plans for retirement – how much you need/want and when you would like to retire.

4. Contact all your pension providers and previous companies to obtain all relevant information- this process is detailed and time consuming. There are a whole host of questions that Penguin will ask each type of pension depending on what type of pension it is and where it is invested

5. Analyse the various pensions, look at the costs, guarantees, potential benefits, risk of the current funds and understand if they meet your risk tolerance

6. Provide you with a Penguin Pension Wealth Management Plan which will include recommendations

7. Provide you with a list of required documents and information to prepare

8. Completion of all application and discharge forms(if applicable) or switching forms

9. Liasing with all parties on progress

10. Chasing and forwarding any additional requirements to pension companies

11. Ensuring that any transfers are done as soon as possible

12. Check pension fmal documentation and issue to you


Fixed Fee charged

£467 for carrying out all of the above work and research

In summary we manage the whole process and give you one point of contact during the process.

The above fee is a one off transaction fee. All fees are used to offset the costs associated with research, time spent and advice relating to work undertaken.

If we recommend that you transfer your Pensions, then the Penguin normal fee process will be discussed and agreed as per the Client Disclosure Document


Penguin is a trading name of Penguin Wealth LLP, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

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