Is it time to sell your business?

During the recession it was difficult for business owners to see an opportunity to realise value in their business assets and succession planning took a back seat, full Financial Freedom became a distant dream. The environment is now changing and has been for the past 12 – 24 months providing an opportunity for business owners to consider succession and ultimate Financial Freedom. The market now has well-funded acquisitive companies looking for the right opportunities to buy companies.

Is your business ready to be sold? Selling your business will not be an overnight process, think about selling a house, before marketing it you gave it some tender love and care, repaired those fence panels, mowed the lawn, a bit of decoration, cleaned the windows etc. So, don’t think you can just sell a business without giving it a bit of TLC!

A successful business sale requires careful planning, it is possible even likely that it will be the first and maybe last time you go through the process so it is worth taking some time and obtaining experienced advice to get it right to maximise the value from the business.

Following the suggestions below will prepare you to succeed in your goal and hopefully provide you with the Financial Freedom you desire:


  1. Be realistic. It is likely to take 6 – 18 months to conclude a sale, to ensure the business is prepared, correctly marketed to attract potential buyers, buyers vetted, offers considered and the transaction process completed.
  2. Advisors can provide you with a guide based on a number of industry standard methodologies; relative value (multiple of profit or possibly a turnover approach), net asset value or discounted cash flow (taking account of future cash flows from expected profits);
  3. However, in a SME situation it is usual for the seller to have a “bottom line“ your NUMBER. You will need to consider whether this price is realistic, again we can help you.


Selling your business could provide you with the Financial Freedom you desire. Seeking the right advice can help you maximise value and guide you through what can be a complex process. You need to know ‘your number’.

If you, or someone you know, wants to discuss this further then please contact the team to discuss your business Financial Planning going forward.

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