8 Ways to Complete No Spend November

03 Nov 2020 | Articles |

No Spend November is a no spend challenge, designed to help you save money on the run up to Christmas. With so many festive decorations and presents to stock up on, November can quickly become one of the most expensive months of the year. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. By committing to No Spend November, you’re committing to a month of no extra spending on food, clothes, gifts or seasonal products. November will be for necessities only.

How to succeed at No Spend November

To begin preparing for your own No Spend November, take a look at our tips below.

1. Set clear goals

The first step to take when embarking on a no spend challenge is to set some clear goals. With November acting as the official lead up to Christmas, it is the perfect time to get your savings ready for the inevitable seasonal expenses. Perhaps, you’ve seen a few presents you want to get for your family, or you’re hoping you’ll be able to book a holiday for the coming year? With No Spend November, you’re committing to saving as much as you can for one whole month.

Where expenses such as rent, car fuel, food and bills are unavoidable, No Spend November is a time to cut out all those extra online shopping sprees, which have been happening even more since we’ve all been at home. So, start by listing your necessary expenses and how much they cost you throughout a single month. Then, you should be able to see what you would usually spend outside of necessities and begin to set yourself some goals ready for the no spend challenge.

2. Stick to your shopping list

While food is an obvious necessity, it can be tempting to pick up extra items when you’re wandering around the supermarket. So, before you go to do your weekly shop, take a look at what you already have hidden away in your cupboards, and make a list of what you actually need. No Spend November means you have to put back that 30p packet of custard creams and only buy the products you really need.

3. Resist eating out

If you’d usually use your lunch break as a chance to grab a takeaway coffee from the café round the corner, you’re likely spending a lot more than you realise on eating out. Eating out isn’t just restricted to 3-course meals in restaurants, but also means those takeaway hot drinks and supermarket meal deals you can’t seem to resist. For this No Spend November, put the kettle on at home, find a few new recipes to try, and start saving.

4. Spend your nights in

If your ideal evening consists of sitting down to watch TV at home, No Spend November is going to be a breeze, especially if you’re in an area that can’t go out right now. However, if you would normally go out in your local area for a few cocktails on a Friday night, you may struggle more with spending your nights in. In order to succeed at this no spend challenge, why not try making some cocktails in your own home or dive into that new series you’ve been meaning to watch. Turn No Spend November into a chance to stay home and relax.

5. Explore your local area

It would usually be difficult to go out for the day without spending any extra money, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Even though it’s currently cold and raining, this is your chance to walk around your local area and discover new trails and paths to explore. All free and easy to access, why not use No Spend November to pack a picnic and find out more about the areas that surround your home.

6. Cut back on commutes

If you aren’t working from home, travel expenses may be an unavoidable cost, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to cut down on the cost of your commute. If your destination isn’t too far away, you could walk or cycle the whole distance. Or, maybe you could catch a train for the first half of your journey, and try walking the second half. Searching for more cost effective ways to travel to and from places is sure to help you during this no spend challenge.

7. Plan for special occasions

With so much uncertainty around upcoming special events, No Spend November offers you the perfect opportunity to prepare for any occasion. If you would usually buy a new outfit for an event, or a cake for a milestone celebration, now is the time to save yourself some money. Why not start by having a look through the clothes you already own, or have a go at baking a homemade cake? Either way, No Spend November is about making the most out of what you already have.

8. Have a clear out

Why not go a step further? While No Spend November is a challenge designed to halt your spending for a month, you could also use it as an opportunity to have a clear out and either donate or sell items you no longer need. As a no spend challenge goes, the aim of the game is to save as much money as you can, so there’s no harm in selling a few unwanted items online to give your November savings an extra boost.


Whether you stay committed to the no spend challenge or succumb to the occasional novelty bauble, No Spend November can help prepare you and your finances for the upcoming festive season. For more guidance on savings and managing your assets on the lead up to Christmas, reach out to Penguin Wealth where one of our Financial Advisors will help you plan your finances for your future.

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