The Business Secret pt 4 – Time

02 Jul 2018 | Articles | Business Tips |

Time is undeniably the most important commodity that anyone has. It’s priceless, but can’t be bought back.

Here at Penguin our Mission Statement is; The (Financial) Journey Never Ends….. One Life, Live It Well. We’re passionate about helping individuals and business owners create more time for themselves, enabling them to do the things they want to do most. The section about ‘Time’ in The Business Secret is unsurprisingly the longest piece of the book.

Throughout the section, we talk about creating Financial Freedom, assisting all of you to do more of the things you want to do. This may be growing the business further, starting a new business, spending all year playing golf or creating more memories with your loved ones. We get excited about helping you plan for the things you’re passionate about. Life is for living, and we only get one chance to live our best life.

You are in business for a reason and for most people it’s so you can be in control of your own time, hopefully creating wealth for yourself and your family. The question is; What does wealth do? Wealth puts you in a position to do more of the things you enjoy doing and usually to do those things, you need money as well as health! A good Financial Planner is arguably the second most important professional you’ll need, we help you to understand your number; Your personal number, your business numbers and help you plan for your personal Financial Freedom date.

The Business Secret is not a book about Financial Planning, it’s a book about being better at business, but we do point out that you undoubtedly need to get some financial things in order to be able to live the life you want to live. Too many people burn out, they work too long in the business and don’t then get to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Too many people don’t evolve and change resulting in them not being able to sell the business. Too many people spend too much time in the business and not enough time on the business. All of these things can be avoided by some prior planning, having some financial affairs in order and planning for your Financial Freedom date.

Our job here at Penguin is to make sure you take full advantage of the various tax breaks you can receive from the government, because you do get some reward for the risks you take. When that time comes you’ll know what you need to sell the business, how much you need to have taken out of the business to ensure your Financial Freedom and only working because you choose to, not because you have to.


Download your Free copy of our book The Business Secret, if nothing else read our section on ‘Time’. If you’re struggling with time or you don’t know how to plan for your Financial Freedom date then please do come in for a no obligation Discovery Meeting.

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