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17 Jun 2018 | Articles |

With Father’s Day approaching fast (June 17th), we thought now was the perfect time to shine a spotlight on each of the Fathers that play a part in making Penguin a successful and lively place to work. For many of the Fathers here, their Fathers have had a significant impact in their outlook on life. Teaching them right from wrong, steering them on the straight and narrow and how to treat others. All valuable lessons that shape us as we go through the years.  

Now this special day is just around the corner we asked some of the Fathers of Penguin; What’s the best bit of financial advice a Dad could give his kids? 


Matthew Shanahan – Technical Assistant 

The quote; “Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving” comes from world famous investment expert Warren Buffett, and is also referenced in one of the books we’ve authored ‘The Wealth Secret‘. Matthew recalls reading the quote and it instantly struck a chord, so much so that when his step-daughter found her first job the first thing he said to help her on her way was; “Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving”. A quote that he still stands by today. 


Gavin Baos – Financial Planner 

Gavin was very open when we asked him what Financial Advice he’d given to his son, but rather than something specific, he’d prefer to educate his 15 year old son over time. Appreciating money is something that everyone has to learn to do eventually, appreciate where it comes from and if you’re a kid appreciate how hard Mum and Dad have to work to earn it. Gavin finds that in this day and age, children are more privileged and don’t have to wait for a Birthday or Christmas for their new mobile phone or special treat. He wants to educate his son and encourage him not to waste money but, to start to consider if he saved a little he could get what he wants quicker. Helping him to take more responsibility for his money. 


Oliver Pughe – Financial Planner 

Oliver wants to educate his kids about living within their means and says that ideally they need to save 10% of their income throughout their working life. He wants to teach them about finances, which may arguably one of the most important life lessons a Father can teach his kids. Helping them to plan for their future and understand the value of money, where it comes from and how they can afford to buy the things they love.


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