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Savings and Investments

When you have accumulated money in savings or investments it is very important this is looked after in a way that supports your wider requirements; too often investors are lulled into the, supposed, best ‘savings accounts’ or ‘investment funds’ without adhering to any specific strategy.

We describe this as a bottom up approach, which we feel either doesn’t work or, at best, has serious limitations.

At Penguin, we work differently – we have a structured approach in these areas which reverses the whole view and effectively is working this the other way round, i.e. top down.

What matters to you will be your longer term lifestyle requirements, your personal goals and objectives.  Things such as:

  • Protecting your family both now and through the generations
  • Planning to retire in the way you want, when you want
  • Pursuing those interests and hobbies which you really enjoy

Your investments and savings should be structured to meet these requirements, and we put together solutions to do just this: marry your funds, your portfolio and your holdings with your goals and objectives.

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