How Long Will My Retirement Last?

How Long Will My Retirement Last?

This is a guide which explains that life expectancy is not the most likely date of death. How many people know that their most likely date of death is commonly six or seven years greater than their life expectancy?

The explanation of this simple, but powerful, fact is the basis for this guide. It evidences why this is the case and from there builds a story about why this matters and how you can go about – with our help – making your plans accordingly.

Tackling retirement affects everyone. The content within this title aims to stress how:

  • Retirement is probably going to be much longer than most people would think
  • That future generations are likely to have a different economic position to manage than is currently the case
  • That planning for retirement is a highly skilled activity, which justifies time being spent and the very best advice being sought
  • That the mixed bag of factors that need to be considered and balanced requires careful and accurate forecasting

The guide starts with dispelling a myth or a misunderstanding, a valuable piece of information and communication on its own merits, but then links the outcome of what is really the case (i.e. that your expected date of death is quite a bit later than your life expectancy) to how this makes a difference to your financial planning.

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