Shareholder Protection Plans

Shareholder Protection Plans

Are you a Shareholder in a Limited Company?

Shareholders in private companies, typically owner/managed situations, should utilise Shareholder Protection Plans to Protect their positions. There is a very real risk that the value of a Shareholding, often highly important in the Shareholder and their family’s overall wealth, could be decimated by an untimely or unexpected death. Likewise, a serious or life threatening illness.

The Shareholding value in these cases can be Protected and should be.

The Shareholding value is one aspect, a crucial one, but it is not the only one. The other consideration is the legal position should a Shareholder die or be forced out of work due to Critical Illness.

What happens to the Shares? Does the Company or do the Shareholders have any form of agreement in place to cover this? If the answer is no, then Protecting against the ‘unwanted’ Shareholder is also important.

Our guide on Shareholder Protection outlines:

  • How and why Shareholders should put in place Shareholder Protection Plans
  • How they should be structured and organised
  • How they should be supplemented by Cross-Option Agreements
  • The way this Protects all Shareholders, their families and the company itself

The guide includes a case study to highlight a practical example of how this can be made to work.

In nearly every case, what Shareholders want in the event of the death of one of them is for the value of the Shareholding to go to their family and the Shares to go to the other Shareholders. This is difficult or expensive to achieve without Shareholder Protection in place, in advance.


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